Conference Papers will be posted on the Forum

Abstracts accepted for the conference are listed below.

  1. Shabbir Akhtar (Oxford), Luke's Christology:  an Islamic assessment

  2. AJ Ataie (Zaytuna), Authenticating the New Testament Gospels from a Sunnite Perspective

  3. Maria Enid Barga (Pontifical College Josephinum), Redeeming Zechariah: The Function of the Zechariah Narrative in the Texts of Luke 1 and Q. 3 and Q. 19

  4. Mohsen Feyzhbakh (Tehran), The Old-New Testament Relationship and the Gospel-Qur’an Conversation: The Cases of Manna and the Inheritors of the Earth 

  5. Abdula Galadari (Khalifah University), The Qurʾan and the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

  6. Md Ghandehari (Tehran),  “We strengthened the faithful against their enemies”: The reception of Luke 10 in Qur’an 61:14

  7. Farhad Ghoddoussi (Wayne University, Detriot), A Colloquy of God with Jesus: Origins and Composition of the Earliest Collection of Sayings of Jesus in Islam 

  8. Ida Glaser (CMCS Oxford and Houston), Prolegomena:  what are the Gospels?  A Christian reflection on abstracts received

  9. Dennis Halft (Trier), A Shīʿī Muslim Translation and Interpretation of the Gospels from Early Nineteenth Century Iran

  10. Harmakaputra (Indonesia), Contesting the Sheep and the Goats:  Variations of Contemporary Indonesian Christians’ Readings of Matthew 25: 31-46 

  11. Laura Hassan, ‘The Injīl’ or ‘Their Injīl’? The gospels as a source for Muslim doctrine among medieval Islamic Theologians

  12. Hassani, The Virgin Mary's Birth and Her Early Life in Three Narratives: New Testament, Qur'an, and Biblical Apocrypha

  13. Yacob Mahi, Lire les évangiles dans un contexte islamique 

  14. Mahmoud Makvand (Kharazmi University, Tehran), An Intertextual Reading of the story of Abel and Cain in the gospels and the Qur’an 

  15. Ferry Mamahit (Southeast Asia Bible Seminary, Indonesia), Kitab Suci Injil, The Indonesian (1912 Translation)–Greek Diglot Gospels: Some Features and Significances

  16. Md Hossain Naraghi (Tehran), Biblical allusions in Persian literature, Rumi, Nasir Khusraw, and the footsteps of the Christian tradition 

  17. Mona Norouzi, A metatextual approach in the transformation of mythological narratives of Christ's birth and death in New Testament, Quran, Islamic interpretations and Persian poems

  18. Andrew Persson, The First Gospel in Arabic:  The Islamic Context

  19. Duncan Peters,  ‘Today you will be with me in paradise’ - Reading Luke 23:43 in Islamic Context 

  20. Charles Ramsey (Baylor University, Texas),  By whose authority? Sayyid Ahmad Khan (d. 1898) and the authors of the Christian New Testament 

  21. Kurt Richardson (Toronto), The Qur'an in Relation to Canonical and Extra-canonical gospels and   
    Christian Usage in Late Antiquity 

  22.  Abdul Masih Saadi (Baylor University, Texas) Reading the Gospel in the context of the 9th century Abbasid Empire:  Moshe Bar Kepha’s Ecumenism and Apology

  23. Yahya Sabbagchi (Sharif University, Tehran), Balaaghi’s Responses to Christian Missionaries

  24. Sa’udin and Safitri, A Symbol of  harmony over the Implementation of the Christian and Muslim Holy Scriptures in the Kampung Laut, Indonesia

  25. Carol Walker, Respecting Mary: An evangelical exploration in the context of Islam