Coming Symposia

June 10th 2022

Daniel Apocalypses


David Cook (Rice University, Houston), 'Daniel in Christian Arabic'

 Azadeh Rezaie (Islamic Apocalyptic Research Group)

Mehdy Shaddel (University of Leiden), 'Ethno-religion Meets Universal Empire: The Judaeo-Persian Apocalypse of Daniel in Its Early Abbasid Context'

August 12th 2022

Daniel in the Hadith


Dr Mohamed Wardany Abdel Rady Abdallah (Al-Azhar University, Cairo), 'The Hadith narrations concerning Daniel'

Abstracts accepted for other future symposia include

Blake Evermon, 'Social media, Daniel and Islam:  a survey of web-based material'

Ida Glaser, 'What have we learnt?  the potential of the biblical book of Daniel as a resource for Christian-Muslim engagement' 

Judy Wangombe, 'Africa International University, Nairobi, 'Islamic Apocalyptic Perceptions:  A contextual reading of the Johannine epistles with a focus on the anitchrist'