Next Conference:   

Daniel, Islam, Apocalyptic

Feb 24-25th 2022, and afterwards 


Due to COVID and to the international interest in this conference, we have decided to go entirely online, and to change the timing.   Instead of having a single intensive period of 3 days, we will begin with two half days (morning US time/afternoon UK time/evening Asia time), and then have a series of seminars which will be spread across several months. 

Note that this means that we can continue to consider abstracts.  We would particularly welcome more papers which would look at (1) Islamic Daniel traditions and (2) the implications of broader 'apocalyptic' and end-times thinking for Christian-Muslim relations.

Provisional Program for Feb 24th-25th

24th:   0930-1230  Houston time/ 1530-1830 Oxford time

Interpreting the biblical book of Daniel:  a Christian and a Muslim approach

Reception of the biblical book of Daniel and associated apocalyptic in two Islamic contexts


25th:  0930-1230 Houston time/1530-1830 Oxford time

Interpreting Islam through Daniel:  historical examples from Christian and Jewish writings

Interpreting Islam in the USA today:  popular apocalypse and views of Islam

Following the 2020 'Reading the Gospels in Islamic Context' conference


As part of the 'Reading the Bible in the Context of Islam' (RBCI) project led by Ida Glaser at the Centre for Muslim  the Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford, a three-day conference in September 2020 discussed papers around the interpretation of the New Testament gospels in Islamic contexts. 


Selected papers will be edited for publication as a volume in the Routledge Reading the Bible in Islamic Context series. The current two volumes are below.

The discussion continues in an online a 'Sermon on the Mount Reading Group'

The group meets on the second Friday of each month

Books in Routledge's Reading the Bible in Islamic Context Series

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